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I LowKey Feel Kanye

At first, I thought I was tripping... Well, let me put this out here first, I only HEARD about the "400 years" comment via social media and friends. So, I'm like damn, ok, Imma look into it when I get a chance :( Then I saw the Ye and Charlamagne video pop up on my YouTube... I had to pull it up on the BIG screen. So, I watched that first, then the TMZ rant, LASTLY, I seen the 400 years comment. In context, when you LOGICALLY think about what Kanye was saying... To ME, it all made sense. I believe that you create this life, this reality WE are in, and that is what Kanye is saying... anything being done consistently for 400 years is no accident, we all have control of our reality! His point was that slaves saw slavery as their reality and that was it, no way out. See, rebels like Nate Turner, Harriet Tubman amongst others we don't know had this thought in their mind that they were NOT going to go out like THAT, they were NOT going to succumb to the TORTURE. Meanwhile, others determined, SUBCONSCIOUSLY, that slavery was going to be their LIFE. Did we forget (or not know) the HAITIAN Revolution, The Baptist WAR, Yanga's Rebellion? They ALL created their reality differently than those that were born and died on the plantation. THAT is the point Kanye is attempting to make, everything that is going on right now is a reality WE created, whatever you give YOUR attention and energy to is what is going to manifest :)

His MAIN point that I took away from ALL OF THIS is that if WE operate and come from a place a LOVE, which is the highest vibrational energy, the world would be a better place, in fact, that's the only way it's going to get better..

@ the end of the day I challenge everyone to think on their OWN and not go with the popularity. Kanye is not crazy is everything he is more woke than yall.

Background info: So, Astrology has been my part-time studies lol. I charted Kanye's natal chart: very complex, water rising and moon, a lot of taurus energy, particularly in Mars, in mythology the god of war. Do your research before you judge :)

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