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The Immortal Life

A homegirl and I challenged ourselves to read a book a week (so far so good). It's not as hard as you think, more discipline than anything. So, anywho last week's book was "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks," amazing read, so many ups and downs (more downs). I was really blown away about the technology of the cell culture, obviously, this was news to me because I'm not in the medical industry but some shocking facts were...

1) HeLa (Henrietta Lacks) and her husband were cousins, her husband/cousin wasn't shit when it came to taking care of his children and being the protector of the family

2) HeLa had syphilis for mad long and it is what caused the rapid increase of her cancer cells.

3) "Night snatchers" would patrol Baltimore at night

looking for black to take back and experiment on

4) HeLa's youngest brother suffered from years of abuse, his Aunt would beat him daily, turning him into an traumatized, angry black man

5) Elsie, HeLa's daughter was admitted to a psychiatric hospital at a young age, the hospital would dig holes into her brain and all types of unimaginable stuff, smh

6) Big shoutout to Debroah aka Dale for believing in Rebecca Skloot to get the story written in the realest perspective

Grab the book if you're interested in good story telling, the medical sciences and/or history! I should be finishing up Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe tomorrow!

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