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Life throws some serious curve balls! Wait. Now that I'm thinking, the older you get the more curves you get (literally and figuratively). Anywho, I had a deep convo with a longtime friend of mine. I've known him for years but just now founding out about his background which through me for a super loop! I often wonder why people get dealt certain cards. What karma happened in that past life where you can't even grow up with at least one parent. Could you imagine not having anyone to hug at night when you were scared, be there for you through the crazy hormonal adolescence stage? Stay grateful, these stories make me even more gracious for the simple things :)

I received a phone call from an ex, still a good friend (some days) who told me that their son has inspired them to write a book about his culture makeup! One, I was super happy (I was low key skeptical about really appreciating the dope culutre he comes from). Two, to be inspired by his son was so touching. I love it!

Love + Hate = Love


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