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Educated Ignorance

In 2012, Red Bul and I decided to start an online radio show, Educated Ignorance. Reasons being: 1) because we wanted a platform to discuss situations everyone goes through, events that were talking place and provide an opportunity for others to have a voice 2) we thought we were the shit (humble brag) and people just may want to hear what he have to say. We aired for about a year. I decided to end the show because grad school started for me and the radio show started to become an extra task along with managing working full time and DJing :(

Fast forward 2016, some of our loyal listeners had been hitting us up about missing the show and if we planned on starting it back up. Coincidentally, I had been working with a life coach at the top of 2017 (shoutout to Shelia) and asked me why am I not utilizing a gift that I have. So here we are, a month in! Oh damn, how could I forget to mention we added another co-host, so the team consists of Honey B, Red Bul and Jae Hoffa. Our mission this time around is to be a platform for the culture and actually provide solutions instead of just discussing problems (that's the educated part). The ignorance is not such much the literal definition, more so discussing the everyday events that shape our lives positive or negative, we want to hear from you all! Therefore, I would love, love for you all to tune in every Wednesday @ 9

PM EST for some very informative, enlightening and comical conversations.

Peace and Love

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