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Kendrick got me like...

A couple of days ago, Kendrick blessed us with his 3rd studio album titled "DAMN." I do like to think of myself as a music connoisseur (MC) and all I can say thus far is ... DAMN, I need to run to Target to pick up a hard copy just in case this digital world fails us, I will still have access to the powerful words of our brother Kendrick.

Being a MC, there is no way one could give a full analysis of the album as I am still dissecting all of the records. However, the shit is SOLID! Solid to the point where I'm lowkey embarrassed to have Future and Kodak Black on my phone. Kendrick will have you on goggle searching for your nearest black book store with a record like DNA, reminiscing about your childhood on and reflectin on life by giving us FEEL, and of course showcases his incredible storytellin skills on DUCKWORTH.

Scrolling through my feeds of social media I seen peeps were comparing More Life < DAMN or DAMN>More Life. I wouldn't compare the two based on many factors but I will say that Brother Kendrick has been on repeat for the entire weekend and I forgot all about More Life that quick and ya boy Rozay, can't even remember the name of his album right now smh (see what you did K Dot). Now, there is rumor of a second album release however based on historical trend I personally doubt it. I wouldn't be mad if he proved me wrong. If you haven't started listening, get it together, the HYPE is REAL.

-Peace and Love

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