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At first, I thought I was tripping...  Well, let me put this out here first, I only HEARD about the "400 years" comment via social media and friends.  So, I'm like damn, ok, Imma look into it when I get a chance :( Then I saw the Ye and Charlamagne video pop up on my Y...


Whew!  Still decompressing off the Afro-Rio walking tour... "Brazil's 6million," I choose this title because I'm still having trouble conceptualizing that there were really 6 million human beings transported by boat in inhumane conditions for years.  I just can't....


A homegirl and I challenged ourselves to read a book a week (so far so good).  It's not as hard as you think, more discipline than anything. So, anywho last week's book was "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks," amazing read, so many ups and downs (more downs).  I was...


Life throws some serious curve balls!  Wait. Now that I'm thinking, the older you get the more curves you get (literally and figuratively). Anywho, I had a deep convo with a longtime friend of mine.  I've known him for years but just now founding out about his backgrou...


In 2012, Red Bul and I decided to start an online radio show, Educated Ignorance. Reasons being: 1) because we wanted a platform to discuss situations everyone goes through, events that were talking place and provide an opportunity for others to have a voice 2) we thou...


A couple of days ago, Kendrick blessed us with his 3rd studio album titled "DAMN." I do like to think of myself as a music connoisseur (MC) and all I can say thus far is ... DAMN, I need to run to Target to pick up a hard copy just in case this digital world fails us,...

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Brazil's 6million

April 21, 2018

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